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Get Marry in our complex

w Hotelu Cyprus***

w Hotelu Cyprus***

For all the couples wanting to get married outside the Civil Registry we have a special offer.

In accordance with the new provisions of law, as from March 1, 2015, civil marriage can be contracted outside civil registry. It is enough to submit a relevant application to the Civil Registry.

Cyprus*** Hotel invites couples to get married in our beautiful complex. We have prepared a special offer to make this important life event truly marvellous and unforgettable.

We welcome you to freely use our garden and the terrace (patio) designed in Greek style. Taking marriage vows in the bosom of nature is an excellent idea for those of you who want to make this exceptional day even more unique. The ceremony takes place on the stylish terrace close to a pond, stylish ruins and an elegant garden.

The general idea of this event is taking marriage vows at the presence of a civil officer. The place of taking the vows is decorated with pergola and, as an option, flowers. The marriage certificates are signed at the table prepared by us.

Before taking the vows of love and faithfulness, the Couple walks on a red carpet, amazing the Guests. Whilst waiting on the Couple, the Guests can rest on chairs we decorated in white covers. The entire event is accompanied by matching music (sound system and services included in the price).


As an option, we offer sparkling wine and catering for our Guests.